Top Job Search Tips for (2022)

  1. Before starting your job search, make sure you have an updated copy of your resume with current work history and job credentials. If you need a resume template to get started, you can find a free template at
  2. Utilize your current network before starting an in-depth search. Lots of job seekers increase their chances of landing a job through family, friends, or neighbors. In addition, create a LinkedIn profile to network online and make connections through their social platform. You can learn more and create an account at
  3. When searching for places to work near your current location, have a list of job titles and companies to get started or you can use our popular location and job titles from the job category and location lists. Remember you can just search by a keyword + your current location by city, state or zip code. Also Remember when searching for nearby jobs that it's also good to look at nearby cities as well to increase your chances of finding more job openings.
  4. Review job descriptions of the job titles your are searching for. Having a good idea of the duties and responsibilities can help you focus on your search. Simply use one of the top search engines such as Google and type in the job title + job description to get information.
  5. Most companies in this digital age probably have a website you can visit to learn company facts such as history and work culture. This will give you an idea if the company is a good fit and can help for job interviews.
  6. When applying for job listings, most companies will require you to create an account and upload a resume. It's a great idea to have a professional email address, working contact number, and clean resume file that can be easily uploaded to the potential employer.
  7. Remember to apply to as many job listings as you can. Even if you get other job offers, having a good resume on file may open up to a better opportunity down the road. Employers usually will keep resumes on file, therefore, if a job opening comes up in the future, you can still be in their database for consideration.
  8. Although the job search is the first step for finding a job, make sure you are always prepared for an interview. Whether it's days, weeks, or months, an employer can schedule an interview at any time.
  9. For an interview, make sure you have the proper attire. Making a good first impression can help increase your chances of landing a job.
  10. Due to the pandemic, some companies may prefer a virtual interview. Get yourself familiar with using video conference software such as There are plenty of free tutorials online or ask a family member if they can help.
  11. Be persistent with your job search! Try to stay calm and not stress. It may take longer than you want to land a job but the key is to search daily and apply for as many positions as you can!